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Communication Skills ( I speak up my mind clearly and respectfully)
Handle Stress ( I focus more under pressure or do I panic and lose focus)
Presentation Skills ( I understand my audience and prepare a killer presentation)
Meet Deadlines ( Deadlines are life and death to us... I deliver on time no matter how or what I do ?)
Problem Solving Skills ( Everything is always a problem to be fixed... are a fixer? can you tackle whatever we throw at you?)
Logical Thinking ( You will working with extreme logical thinkers... can you raise to their level? )

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Good pay
Getting on with colleagues
Office environment
Desk space
State of the art technology
Office location
Good management
Freebies such as tea, coffee and stationery
Perks such as free parking, gym passes
No out of hours working
Challenging Tasks
Dress code
Regular meetings
Good social life